Strain Information

Country Luxembourg Deposited By Matias Pasquali, Marco Beyer
Strain ID 10-65 Original isolation (Single spore / hyphae)
Species Fusarium graminearum Location Berg-Betzdorf
Chemotype 15ADON Cultivar Chevalier
Year 2010 Method of Isolation Fusarium selecting media (Dubos et al 2011)
Crop Winter wheat Collection(s) LIST collection
Precrop Maize Coordinates X: 6.350794
Y: 49.68738
Method for species determination EF1*/EF2* List ID

Other Information

chemotype determined based on tri12 polymorphism

Cited in Publication(s)

Beyer et al. Evidence for a reversible drought induced shift in the species composition of mycotoxin producing Fusarium head blight pathogens isolated from symptomatic wheat heads. Int. J. Food Microbiol. 182-183, 51–56 (2014).

Miscellaneous information

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